Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I have registered, now what?
  2. What is bold action?
  3. What happens if I miss a day?
  4. What happens if I start late?



STEP 1 – TAKE ONE BOLD ACTION A DAY. We start Thursday October 27th.

STEP 2 – SHARE YOUR BOLD ACTION. It’s empowering and it encourages others to join in on this easy and transformational experience

TWITTER. Take a minute to tweet about it. Use the hashtag #BoldnessChallenge.

“I tried curry for the first time today! Yum. #BoldnessChallenge.”

INSTAGRAM. Take a picture of your daring adventure and share it on Instagram, again using the hashtag #BoldnessChallenge.

“I did something I never do, got up early and took a morning run for my health. I feel great! #BoldnessChallenge.”

FACEBOOK. Share your story or comment on our Facebook page. Share it on your own Facebook wall using the hashtag #BoldnessChallenge.

“I chose to take a deep breath before reacting today! Best choice ever #BoldnessChallenge.”

BOLDNESS CHALLENGE BLOG. Comment on our most recent post on our blog. Sometimes, bold actions are delicate. We encourage you to share anonymously if helpful, your courageous action will inspire and motivate us all.

“I had a very difficult conversation today. It was hard at first but now we both feel so much better! #BoldnessChallenge.”

NOT ON SOCIAL MEDIA? We realize that some of our participants are not on social media. That’s okay! Share in ways that work for you. Perhaps at the water cooler at work, or while chatting with a friend… each share creates a ripple of positivity.

STEP 3 – FOLLOW THE HASHTAG on any social platform. Take a little time to read what others are up to. It’s great inspiration; we’ll be cheering each other on throughout the entire experience.

STEP 4 – HAVE QUESTIONS? If you have any questions, or want to reach out to the team — please send us an email at boldnesschallenge@gmail.com.

By taking these steps every day until New Year’s Eve, December 31st, you’ll have tapped into a powerful community. We are confident that you won’t recognize yourself on January 1, 2017.



Bold action is personal, no one-stop shopping here. For this experience, bold is tuning into your inner truth and then taking action. In other words, bold action does not mean you have to jump out of a plane or climb Mount Everest… unless that is something that truly inspires you.

Bold action is mindful, not reckless. It can feel daring and exhilarating… and peacefully authentic.

Bold action might be as simple as saying hello to someone you don’t know, or asking a question that you think sounds silly. It might be dancing in the rain, or taking a break to eat away from the computer–even though you think there’s no time for that…

Bold living is responsive. It’s when you choose to listen to your truth and take action.

Pay attention to the moments when you feel  wave of nervousness or fear. Or when that limiting inner voice chimes in saying,  “not now,”  “not me,” “too scary…

These moments are cues that an opportunity for mindful boldness has presented itself.  Ask your heart what the next step is… then respond. One bold action can change your day. 66-days of bold actions will change your life!

Join our social media community on Facebook for inspiration and support. This will be a fun and freeing adventure. By the way, the mere act of registering to join us is BOLD.



Don’t worry if you miss a day! Just jump back in when you remember. Our goal is to witness firsthand the cumulative impact of one bold action each day for 66 days. And, we also know that forming a new habit or practice is a process.

Bold action is powerful; our guess is that you will feel results right away and will be eager to get back into the groove.



You bet it will! Join us when you can, it will change your life. We plan to make a wave of bold, our hope is that people will choose to join us at any point along the way. We have found this way of living so attractive that friends join, and lives transform.