The Boldness Challenge is a project driven by passion. This volunteer-run grassroots movement is designed to ignite a wave of happiness and confidence throughout the world—one bold action at a time.

We’re already onboard and know the Boldness Challenge is fun, and it really works. We’re looking forward to creating the biggest wave of freedom and bliss ever, starting October 27, 2016.

Meet our small but powerful team: 

Marie Lapointe

Marie is an unapologetically happy creative leader. No stranger to the spotlight, she shares it generously. Her zest for work and life are intrinsically linked. Work or play, she’s a blast to be around. Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows follow her everywhere; it’s no surprise she wears a red nose for a hobby.

Leanne Tibiatowski

Leanne is passionate about living life to its potential. Intention and action fuel her steps each day. She is a creative visionary and strategist who always plays big. Her mission is to expand peace, possibility, and positivity in this world. Leanne is grateful for her family who always remind her to let go, live free, and love big!

Marie Beswick-Arthur

Writing to change the world, Marie B applies unbridled enthusiasm to editing from her book-filled home in Bucerias, Mexico. Together with her husband, Richard, and a menagerie of rescued pets, they live by the motto to ‘always come from a place of love’.