Living bold is making powerful decisions, and then taking action. To be bold is to be courageous, confident, daring, and brave. This does not mean you need to jump out of a plane to measure your success. To us, and for this challenge, bold represents a responsive action-oriented approach to life centered on authenticity and personal truth.

According to scientists, bold living is learned and can be strengthened through practice. Our personal experience is that sustained bold action unleashes freedom and ignites profound happiness. Thirty-one days to becoming a new, happier, bolder, and unstoppable you — now who can say no to that?

So, what’s considered bold? A bold action can be something as simple as eating a new food out of fear that you just won’t like it. Or, it can be taking the city’s subway, or going to a movie alone.

We’ve found that by starting with simple actions, people discover boldness becomes an inspired habit. More ‘bolds’ feel better and, before long, we “bolders” are asking for promotions, leaving dead-end jobs, going back to school, and, ultimately re-defining ourselves to be in better alignment with our core values.

Join the boldness revolution and register now. We begin on December 1st as a 31-day countdown to January 1st. What a way to ring in the new year by exceeding resolutions before   the day most people usually begin them!

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