Open Letter to Address Complacency & Unrest

5 steps to Disarm Post-Election Chaos.

The crescendo of this recent election cycle has unleashed an evocative global response, opening the floodgates to national chaos. That elephant in the room has finally exploded, revealing long avoided wounds and wrongdoings.

Fear, anger, terror, violence, and hatred are running rampant. We’re caught in an overwhelming storm of unrest.

“What’s next?”

This question is flooding the news feeds. Seeds of hopelessness are sprouting everywhere. Speculation ignites finger pointing. Hysteria and division grows…

Consider this, our questions drive thoughts. Some productive, some not.

Dealing with the aftermath of the election can be an ominous spectator sport. Or, we can choose power questions that lead to solutions and results.

So let’s try a new question…

“How do we make it stop?”

This revised question infuses uncertainty with possibility. Feel the difference?

Now let’s cut to the chase, here’s how we make it stop…

It’s time to quit looking for a hero to save the day… Be the hero.

Read on to learn a 5-step action plan that’s lightning-bolt-strong. Designed to help you re-calibrate as you navigate post-election life.

Our super-powers are activated through choice.

We can focus on the negative as we watch history unfold, judging it all. Or, we can pivot our attention from the sensational news feed, pull ourselves out of the passive armchair commentator position, and step into both self-responsibility and thoughtful action.

Unity? Absolutely. And,  for many, not quite yet… 

We, the people, are waking up, which is a processpainful, uncomfortable, yet liberating.

The demanding requests to “come together” can feel premature and even disrespectful when we are pushed to skip a vital step. In the wise words of Ram Dass, the starting point for moving mountains is to, “Be here now.”

To achieve unity, we must go through our upset it, not around it.  

Before doing anything at all, just feel it all. Notice your thoughts and your emotions. Allow yourself to acknowledge each layer of your experience in this unprecedented situation.

However, PLEASE don’t stop there.
Let your feelings be a launch pad toward deeper understanding.

Feelings point us in the direction of unmet needs. Which, with an open mind, point us to solutions.

What we are experiencing, nationally (and internationally) is not new.  It’s the pot of discontent that has slowly bubbled to the top. Now boiling up, and all over, after decades of simmering.

Collective unrest IS a symptom.

Want change?

Quit focusing on the symptoms and head straight to source. Period.

YOU are the source of your own personal power and vision.
YOU get to choose your action and response.
YOU are the antidote to the unrest.

WE are the solution.

Each person on this planet holds a key. 

It’s time to use that key.

Unlocking the power of the people only happens when the people stand up in truth!

When you choose to courageously reclaim your power, you WILL find your peace. You WILL say no to oppression of self and others. And, you will open to your pure potential.

When you commit each day to rising with dignified and authentic power, you WILL naturally lead the way for others. It’s that potent.

We need each other’s leadership!

So how do we stop the madness?


This 5-step tool will help you traverse the post-election ‘battleground’ or any difficult situation with a calm and collected perspective, allowing you to act and respond with power.

(S) Stop.

When you get caught in the swirl of reactions, your own or others, pause. Take a deep breath. Then take another deep breath in and let it all out. Claim your space, feel your body.

Choose to be in the moment with a calm heart and level head.

(O) Observe.

popcornWatch, listen, and listen some more. Strong feelings are being thrown around like spears. Protect yourself by assuming the stance of observer.

How? It’s like watching a movie… one moment you can be pulled so deeply into the story-line that you are the story—laughter, tears, fear, painonly to find yourself, all of a sudden, back in your seat watching and eating the popcorn.

Choose the popcorn. Sit back, so that you can witness what is happening.

(A) Assess then Act.

Now you have the range to assess the terrain, so that you can respond strategically. This often bypassed step is crucial.

When the shit hits the fan, stopping and observing is not enough… running around in panic is not enough. Slow down and assess the situation and you WILL find the off button.

Stop. Observe. Assess…

What am I feeling? What am I seeing? What is my truth in relation to all of this? What are my options? Do I need more information? Is there another way to look at this? How can I proceed safely and productively?

Thenand this can be the hardest parttake responsive action.

The S.O.A.R process leads to mindful action, allowing you to call in the type of choices that lead to the highest outcome. This may mean speaking up for yourself or another. Or it may mean keeping quiet to listen more, so you can consider the bigger picture.

Stop. Observe. Assess…. then Act. Your calm mind and open heart will lead the way.

(R) Repeat.

This formula will open you to clarity, creativity, and inspired action.

Commit to the process. Use it over and over until it becomes your natural response.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying this.

Set yourself up for success, surround yourself with like-minded people who also choose to be the change in this turbulent time. And, if you require additional supportget it! Securing personal and professional help as needed along the way is a power move.

Mindset matters.

Your mind has worked diligently collecting its chorus of limiting self-talk, “Not me.” “Not now.” “I don’t know how.” You know those voices; you have a customized playlist in your head right now. Pay attention, this soundtrack is important. You have one, and our nation has one.

To breakthrough limiting patterns collectively, we must start personally.

Wondering where to find the Kryptonite that will freeze out these voices?

Choose bold, authentic action every moment.

One truthful choice at a time. Over and over. Each new choice and action clears the way for more choices and actions.

With daily practice your authentic voice becomes strong.

This strength fuels you in ways that helps you to leap from tall buildings, and land well. It will become second nature…

≈ Know that it can be done.

≈ Know that you have the strength to step out of watching and worrying.

≈ Know that you are here to live your purpose and passion.

≈ Know… that it is not only your birthright, but your responsibility.

≈ And most important, know that you’re not alone.

The world needs your fierce authenticity now more than ever.

There’s no time for complacency. That’s what got us here in the first place!

≈ If you have something to say…. say it.

≈ If you have something you want… go for it.

≈ If you see something that’s not right… take a stand, help make it right.

≈ If you don’t know how… learn.

Now IS the time to SOAR.

Pause the procrastination and boldly take powerful steps. Let’s stop the finger pointing. Let’s help each other rise so every single person has the opportunity to make the most of this one life.

Together we are safer and stronger.

Together we rise responsibly with dignity.

I’m in with increased commitment and fierce determination, how about you?
<Join me on the Boldness Challenge—it WILL change your life!>

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leanne_tibiatowskiLeanne is a content strategist, creative, and producer who is driven when developing products that help others discover greater health and happiness. Her diverse knowledge base includes emotional literacy, leadership development, holistic living, grief, trauma, bereavement, family life, and the healing arts. With 18 years experience, Leanne creates digital and live experiences that are evocative and make a difference. Recently she served as Director of Content and Production for Joy of Living Media, Inc. and Director of Content Development, Sr. Editor for Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience.

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