What is Bold?

Bold is a personal action. No one-stop shopping here. To the Boldness Challenge, bold is tuning into your inner truth and then taking action. In other words, bold action does not mean you have to jump out of a plane or climb Mount Everest… unless that is something that truly inspires you.

Bold action is mindful, not reckless. It can feel daring and exhilarating… and peacefully authentic.

Bold action might be as simple as saying hello to someone you don’t know, or asking a question that you think sounds silly. It might be dancing in the rain, or taking a break to eat away from the computer—even though you think there’s no time. Perhaps there’s a conversation you’ve been putting off, an idea that you have wanted to share but have not been able to activate your voice.

Bold is brave, silly, flirty, and fun. If a storm hits, will you dance in the rain? Play in the puddles?

Bold is responsive living. It’s you freeing yourself from the stories that have you feeling stuck.

Pay close attention to the moments when you feel a wave of nervousness or fear… or when that limiting inner voice chimes in saying,  “not now,”  “not me,” “too scary”…

These moments are cues!  Opportunities in which mindful boldness presents itself.

Ask your heart to show you the next step… then respond. One bold action can change your day. 66-days of bold actions will change your life!

Bold is badass—your way. There is no wrong when it comes to living life authentically! Once you get started, there’s no going back… it’s AMAZING!

This journey is about tuning in and living in truth, your truth!

leanne_tibiatowskiLeanne is a content strategist, creative, and producer who is driven when developing products that help others discover greater health and happiness. Her diverse knowledge base includes emotional literacy, leadership development, holistic living, grief, trauma, bereavement, family life, and the healing arts. With 18 years experience, Leanne creates digital and live experiences that are evocative and make a difference. Recently she served as Director of Content and Production for Joy of Living Media, Inc. and Director of Content Development, Sr. Editor for Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience.

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