Ten 10 Benefits Of Your Brain on Bold

Bold is the new brave. And you don’t need anyone’s approval for this adventure. Bold moves can allow you to harness energy and redefine yourself, as a game-changer. They also improve your physical and mental health.

Part check-up with your reality and part check-in with your wildest desires, your BOLDS can be shared to inspire others and, in turn, those of others’ can fuel your next move.

If this concept of absolute bliss through stretching life to its fullest has your attention, consider these benefits of your brain on BOLD.

You’ll instantly increase your inner-strength and stature.

The moment you BOLD, you become your own leader. Taking initiative puts your cells into celebration mode. Confidence adds height. And those positive feelings go deeper than you might think. The power of confident posture is backed by a fascinating Columbia and Harvard study.  

Your shared BOLDs will build bridges to sound futures.

Jumpstarting your BOLD creates momentum. When we share our moves with others, new pathways appear and opportunities surface. An article by Lisa Evans, Fast Company, explains Psychologist’s Elizabeth Lombardo’s theory on how positive reinforcement from a social network helps you excel.

You will begin to Aspire instead of wishing for the best.

Asking well considered questions and truly listening to the answers is tantamount to finding buried treasures. BOLDING allows this exploration. It’s common to categorize unrealized desires in the ‘maybe one day’ pile, hoping luck will deliver. Plus, it puts us in the NOW rather than in the future — which is where hope lives.

You’ll advance to the front of the line.

When you move in the direction of boldness, you make yourself a priority. Waiting is sidelined. Permission is granted.

There’s no right or wrong bold move. No smallest or largest. Each is unique to its initiator. Jo will decide to wear red; she’s always loved that color, but been told it’s not for her. Erin will ask for a salary increase. Jan, who admired a friend for going to the movies alone, will do it—licorice, popcorn, and soda. Each of these moves are equally courageous for the originator. Each of these actions propels the Jans of the world toward more initiative.

You’ll meet the real you.

Acts of boldness, and sharing them, are about reaching your full potential. It’s about becoming who you are meant to be. Finally.

Authenticity is healthy. Peace of mind lowers blood pressure. Excitement pumps blood and oxygenates the body. Even having a door closed in one’s face is seriously life-changing in a ‘redirection’ or ‘correction of course’ kind of way.  

Ready to unleash your uniqueness on the world? Register now! >>

You’ll feel safe and nurtured.

There’s a much quoted African proverb “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Boldness Challenge honors your choices, then encourages you to share so that everyone advances. Your wins will inspire others to go the same route.

You’ll become a critical thinker.

Really? Yes. In the confidence that comes from being BOLD you will find clarity and make better decisions. Your statements will become more succinct. You will become a better listener (to yourself and others). Some of your BOLDS will increase your recognition of the importance of actions over chatter. That evolution will, in turn, tune up all your senses.

You’ll become a stellar performer.

bold rockstar performer

Like a rock star? Perhaps. If that’s what you want. Participating in the Boldness Challenge is about creating a new rulebook for your future.

A common misconception of boldness is that pushing back means conflict. On the contrary, pushing back means exposing yourself to others, and more importantly, taking an honest look at yourself, then ‘breaking out’ of routines that don’t serve you.   

You’ll strengthen your immune system.

Taking the low road can create feelings of helplessness. These continued lows can disrupt hormone balance and, in turn, damage the immune system. Frustration that leads to anger can engage our bodies in battles with hypertension, heart disease, digestive disorders, and infection. 

Bold moves provide momentum. A few bold moves and you’re on the high road.

New evidence, at the genetic level—available by googling ‘telomeres’—explains that longevity is related to these ‘end caps’ of our DNA strands.  

Dr. Essau Gutierrez, a family doctor with a conventional and holistic practice, who himself has made many a bold move, emphasizes a healthy immune system is hugely impacted by self-love. He regularly recommends Wayne Dyers’ long-time bestseller, Your Erroneous Zones, as a part of a complete self-care regimen—comparing it to six months of psychotherapy.

You’ll experience the blissful science of happiness.

Bolding also the new beginning. It is the new happiness in work and play. (Remember to google those telomeres.) It is freedom. It is life extending. Anything that promotes a healthy mind and body positively impacts our lifestyle and allows our ‘now’ moments to be fulfilling. (Remember to google those telomeres.)


Be the Ball, bounce with your bold. Let it open you to new experiences. Forge your own path and then, please, share your BOLDS with others. Use the hashtag #BoldnessChallenge when sharing your bold moves on Instagram and Twitter, and inspire others be as bold as you are.

Already thinking of some possibilities? Evaluating a few actions? Feeling that surge? This is your brain on BOLD.

Be bold now and join us in the challenge >>

Share your Boldness

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