The Exhilarating Depths of Boldness

How plunging into bold living changed my life, and can change yours too.

BOLD was an icon on my toolbar; still is. Then I joined the Landmark Self-Expression & Leadership Program — I figured I’d learn some techniques to be a stronger leader, and I hoped I’d have the confidence to apply them. I had no idea that I’d be involved in a life-changing experience that took my self-vision from wimp to superhero. Yes, cape and all. Bold was redefined.

bold enough to play roller derby but not bold to speak my true self
Pic by San Diego Derby Dolls

You see, adventurous as I may have appeared to others, I was afraid of anything that might be considered confrontational. Allowing people to step all over me was easier than summoning the strength I perceived it would require to take a stand. I was a constant ‘sorry-er’. Apologizing for no reason became habitual. And that habit threw a dark shadow under which I could not grow.

Though my sisters saw me as courageous— I played roller derby and travel alone, never hesitate complete career turn-arounds, and quietly walk away from toxic relationships—I‘d always admired them for their capacity to fully express themselves without restraint.

Then I discovered the term ‘being unmessable with’, I sensed a magical power, my thoughts led me to question: Could I ever be that person?

Apparently, I was ready to learn what it took to be that person. And what it took was a concept involving bold moves. Change came about through my experience in the Self-Expression and Leadership Program (SELP) where I was challenged to make a bold request per day. At first it felt a little brazen to ask for what I wanted. But I did. And I found myself standing a little taller. I commended myself for my boldness. It wasn’t brash. It was nourishing. Soon after, the stakes were raised: 5 bold requests per day.

Yes. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

And, one day, after sharing my bold moves with my SELP coach, the concept was further explained: “The bold request is not on you, but on the person you’re asking.” Ask others to be bold? To me that was a double-bold. To point out where and how they could be bold? Where and how they could be the better person? Holy crap. Another challenge. But I’d agreed to the rules, and so I followed them…

The outcome was truly remarkable.

I continued making bold moves for myself, and requesting, as required, that others be bold. My transformation solidified one request at a time. It came to the point where I was ‘bolding’ without even thinking about it. I would look in the rearview mirror of the day and think to myself “Wow, that was actually quite bold!”

And, you know what? It was really freeing. And it was really fun…

BEFORE BOLD my fears were mainly people based:

  • I did not fully express myself for fear of hurting others or seeming offensive.
  • I did not live life fully because I thought I might appear too weird.
  • I held back certain thoughts, not wanting to seem bitchy.
  • Trapped in my head, I chose retreat in order to not appear vulnerable or weak.
  • Frozen in my headspace, I felt a coward; a fraud which was only made worse when people insisted I was brave.

Then I got my bold on…

AFTER BOLD my fears were replaced by a sense of complete freedom.

  • I now fully express myself in celebration of myself and others.
  • I live life with a sense of fun that encompasses all aspects of everything I do.
  • Buoyed by confidence, no matter the situation, I have a clear-headiness.
  • My thoughts are unburdened and I have unbridled enthusiasm.
  • I regard boldness as a superpower to embrace all circumstances.

So transformed was I, by bold—better for bold—that I sprouted a bigger, bolder thought. It became clear to me that I could not live a transformed life without opening up the opportunity to offer that same fun to those around me?

Why not Launch a Worldwide-Friendwide Boldness Challenge?

Learn more about the 66 Day Boldness Challenge

That was it! I started this challenge with two great friends at the core of what we hope will grow into something big.

Sound enticing? What do you say… are you in?

Just say yes! Let’s finish out the last 66-Days of 2016 with freedom and fun!

If you’re wondering what’s in it for you? When you participate in the Boldness Challenge you will:

  • Live a life that is playful and full of joy.
  • Use daily acts of boldness as a simple tool to keep you on track.
  • Become the game changer in your life.
  • Let go of struggle and enjoy the party of life.
  • Playfully re-engage your inner child in an adult world and reap the rewards.
  • Experience the ripple effect of sharing to experience powerful mutual inspiration.

Need a little encouragement?

Imagine standing on top of a rock by a river. One by one your friends have jumped, and cheered with such joy when their heads popped up out of the water. You’re the last to go, they’re encouraging you to jump, you’re on the edge, your heart is racing, you want to jump, but you hesitate.

That’s happening right now…. If you’re the least bit interested, take the plunge!

Join the Boldness Challenge today!

The next step is yours…. in your mind’s eye, will you jump, or crawl back down the rock, and slowly make your way into the river to meet up with your friends?

Whichever route you chose in that mind picture, think of the feeling it generated. The glory and joy of jumping versus the feeling of walking away. Contrast the celebration with the retreat.

These days I’m feeling the glory, I want YOU to feel the glory.

This year I turned 50 and I am more bold and more free than ever! I have:

  • Found a great writers’ group, and coaches, to support me re-writing my novel.
  • Returned to clown classes and started performing live.
  • Become a leadership coach.
  • Taken a stand for my boss in wave after wave of layoffs rather than hiding behind a pretense that I was too busy to help her.
  • Stopped pretending I couldn’t understand certain tasks at work, and performed them on time as was expected of me.
  • Become a fearless leader facing challenging employees, and requesting that, they too, perform their tasks as expected.

As a result of a series of bold actions, I feel confident that if my teenage-self stumbled upon my 50-year-young self — I know she’d be cheering me on to the next brave and bold action. She would be grateful and proud to learn that I chose to live as my true self. She would love that I turned out to be a badass woman.

Well, I guess she has found me, for deep inside my core, where all the wild things thrive, I feel a sense of intense pride and love from her.

So I boldly and officially invite you to join me on the 66-Day Boldness Challenge… Let’s do it!

Just say yes, take the plunge, register now—It’s FREE

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