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Living bold requires awareness, choice, and action. From my experience, it’s a practice. While it’s true, one bold move can change your life, imagine the impact of deciding to respond to each new day, and each new moment, with authenticity and personal truth.

Boldness. It’s freedom. It’s fun. It’s easy once you get started. In the words of Mary Oliver, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

With each sunrise, you are gifted infinite possibility. What will you do with your gift today?

It can be easy to choose complacency, living comfortably uncomfortable. Why? It’s predictable.

Yet if you are like me, holding back feels stifling. In fact, living out of alignment from our deepest desires creates sadness, resentment, regret. Dis-ease manifests in the body when we are not choosing the type of joy we crave in our work, relationships, and play.

Today I invite you to consider living a life where you do not sacrifice your truth.

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Sound like a big task to manage? I get that.

Let’s start with increasing awareness by learning from each other. The Stories of Bold series showcases real people living bold. Living free. Modeling a way of life that is open to possibility. Our hope is that we each discover that bold action looks different for each person. In other words, there is no universal measure of living bold.

To be bold is personal, what it means for you will differ from what it means for me.

I find that exciting. No pressure to do life any other way than in harmony with my personal truth. When we choose to pay attention and follow our hearts, we ARE living bold. This responsive approach to each moment is how we create magic in our lives. 

One bold action each day is liberating, and transformational.

So what is bold?

Hannah PhillipsMeet my friend Hannah Phillips, a young woman who is wholeheartedly embracing the concept of evolving her life, growing and responding with authentic actions and reactions.

Leanne Tibiatowski
: You recently went through a life changing experience. Will you tell us a little about what happened?

HP: In May, just after my 24th birthday, I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer of the larynx. Chemotherapy and radiation,  the “standard of care” treatment, was recommended. Even after the treatment, I would only have a 50% chance of making it to the age of 30.

I knew chemo wasn’t for me, so I declined the recommended treatment. Although my family and doctors were unhappy with my choice, I was SO happy. For the first time in my life, I was listening to my body and letting the universe guide me.

LT: Watching your journey, I’ve witnessed that you have an inspired new outlook on life. Can you describe some of the insights you’ve discovered through the health challenges you experienced?

HP: Being unwell for an extended period of time made me lose sight of who I used to be. It made it easier to disengage with old mindsets. It helped me to appreciate what I hadn’t before. Some days I felt like I was walking through hot coals on a fire with no end in sight, and that taught me about the strength that I have. I realized I had been so busy trying to advance in my life professionally and in my relationship, that I had somewhere gotten far off track. During this difficult time, I decided that I need to be the best me I can be before I can put energy into anything else. Another big insight was that I saw first-hand that my body will tell me what to do once I silence my mind enough to listen.

LT: It’s clear when I see you, that you’ve shifted your life lessons into bold actions.  Today, you sound and look full of light—with a sense of freedom. Will you share a couple of examples of how taking action in life has changed you?

HP: The biggest changes I’ve made are mental. I have replaced negativity with positivity. I am not being so self-critical. I am going to meditation, listening to positive affirmations, and have been doing yoga and reiki. All things that make me feel a sense of connection to the world. Another thing I’ve done is really tried to embrace the moment with mindfulness exercise. I have stopped drinking completely. In the past, I was using booze as a way to avoid my emotions. I no longer want to avoid, I now want to feel deeply and move on.

LT: Some say that taking bold action requires courage. What inspires you to live boldly even when it might feel scary or out of your comfort zone?

HP: Bold actions take courage? Maybe. For sure they take desire. I’ve always known there was a Hannah in me that maybe didn’t line up with “the norm”. I always suppressed her. Thinking “fitting in” was more important, then I became sick. That changed everything. I realized how limited our time is on earth. It made me want to embrace my full self, no matter what the consequences were. I wanted it bad enough, so I took action and the changes just started happening.

LT: I have seen you living brave and authentically with your choices. Will you share three bold actions you have recently taken or that are on your horizon?

HP: I started therapy, I let go of my relationship, and I am taking time off to travel for a few months. Now is the time to find myself on a deeper level.

LT: What is the most important message you have for others about living life?

HP. Be yourself, don’t be a sheep. Feel your emotions fully, good or bad. Take time to understand your mind, our qi (energy) directly affects everything in our lives. Forgive yourself, you are here in this moment for a reason.

Thank you Hannah, for sharing what bold looks like in your life. We wish you the best and cheer you on as you live authentically, in health and happiness. .

Hannah will be joining us on the 66-day Boldness Challenge. How about you?

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leanne_tibiatowskiLeanne is a content strategist, creative, and producer who is driven when developing products that help others discover greater health and happiness. Her diverse knowledge base includes emotional literacy, leadership development, holistic living, grief, trauma, bereavement, family life, and the healing arts. With 18 years experience, Leanne creates digital and live experiences that are evocative and make a difference. Recently she served as Director of Content and Production for Joy of Living Media, Inc. and Director of Content Development, Sr. Editor for Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience.

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