Bold. Free. Open to Possibility.

Take one bold action each day. Then pass it on.

It’s that simple. And, it’s a game-changer.
We intend to create a wave of freedom and fun… enticing right?

31 days of boldness will jump-start your New Year’s resolutions.
You won’t recognize yourself on December 31st.

It begins December 1st.

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It’s free. It’s fun. It works.


So how does it work? It’s a simple two-step process. Take one bold action each day, then share it. Sharing and inviting others to live boldly is inspiring and, it’s an easy sell. We’ve tested it, the concept is contagious.

Together we will create a digital wave that changes lives. We all know times are turbulent in this world—the Boldness Challenge is fun and powerful. Let’s do it!

1 Bold Move Each Day

Tapping into your bold is easy. Your body will alert you to the powerful moments present each day. Watch and feel for the cues. You may feel it in your body as a sensation, or a feeling followed by a limiting thought. Those “not now”, “I can’t” and “no way too scary” moments are holding you back. This is your chance to be bold!

Take action. Try that new food, say hello to that guy in the grocery line, have that conversation you’ve been putting off. Once you get going, it gets easy. Even better, it becomes fun for you and those you share bold moments with. Use these 31 days to let go and live free!

1 Bold Share Each Day

Celebrate your bold action daily via social media. Snap a picture and post it on Instagram. Tweet your bold move or share it on Facebook if you need more words. Use the hashtag #BoldnessChallenge so we can find your greatness and keep the flow going with live feeds. Challenge your friends to join you as we build a boldness wave that reaches far and wide.  

Let the whole world know you’ve been bold. Your shares will effortlessly inspire others to take action too. Boldness is contagious so let’s seize this opportunity to make the last 31 days of this year the best ones yet!

Create a Ripple of Happiness

We believe that happiness comes from freedom, and boldness is the key to unleash that freedom. Bold action is a simple tool that yields big results. The Boldness Challenge allows us to face limiting habits, perceptions, and fears in a playful fun way.

When we share this positive experience with others we amplify that outcome. It’s simple. It’s profound. We are ready to live happy, free, and open to possibility. We are ready to create a ripple of happiness in this world. Are you? Join us and open yourself to pure possibility in your life.


Living bold is making powerful decisions, and then taking action. To be bold is to be courageous, confident, daring, and brave. This does not mean you need to jump out of a plane to measure your success. To us, and for this challenge, bold represents a responsive action-oriented approach to life centered on authenticity and personal truth.

According to scientists, bold living is learned and can be strengthened through practice. Our personal experience is that sustained bold action unleashes freedom and ignites profound happiness. Thirty-one days to becoming a new, happier, bolder, and unstoppable you — now who can say no to that?

So, what’s considered bold? A bold action can be something as simple as eating a new food out of fear that you just won’t like it. Or, it can be taking the city’s subway, or going to a movie alone.

We’ve found that by starting with simple actions, people discover boldness becomes an inspired habit. More ‘bolds’ feel better and, before long, we “bolders” are asking for promotions, leaving dead-end jobs, going back to school, and, ultimately re-defining ourselves to be in better alignment with our core values.

Join the boldness revolution and register now. We begin on December 1st as a 31-day countdown to January 1st. What a way to ring in the new year by exceeding resolutions before   the day most people usually begin them!

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